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The Beatles, The Rolling Stones & more...

 From the Rolling Stones classics of   "Brown Sugar", "Wild Horses" "Gimme Shelter" to the Beatles  hits of "Here comes the sun" , "Something", and "I should've known better" comes a group that can  include a variety of  over 80 groups and individual artists beginning with the 1964 British Invasion using vintage instrumentation.  You will see the Drummer who sings, the songstress on keyboards, and many other multi facets of talent here that will not only mean more bang for your buck but more musical color in the sounds produced.  Combine the backgrounds of each musician in this 6 piece band and you get over 250 years of musical experience thereby doing justice to the fabulous era of the  British Invasion, Motown, Roots Rock & Hard Rock, Surf and Psychedelic Rock, Folk and Protest music. 

Get the party started  

Interested in one of our Mariachis, Bands, Celebrity Impersonators or Variety Artists? Contact us for availability and a quote.                                                                             

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