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When is the best time to hire a Mariachi?

Has financial, safety, cancellations, or other factors due to COVID-19 caused you to ask when is the best time to hire a Mariachi? Whether the idea of having a Mariachi was a brilliant discovery for you or a must have no-brainer, when you book a Mariachi could mean the difference between not just saving what could have been money in your pocket but saving the actual party itself because of the quality of the Mariachis that are available when you decide to book, and as we'll highlight it's not necessarily the earlier the better. So when is the best time to hire a Mariachi?

You've just proposed or have been proposed to and mapped out the entertainment budget for your wedding that is literally two years from now, you are planning a golden birthday party years in advance, or you are postponing other special occasions years into the future because of the pandemic. You get the picture. Of course, there could be a host of uncertainties with all the individuals involved in each of these scenarios. However, while there is nothing wrong with getting a quote based on a current rate, like many airlines and other booking services you are generally only able to do just that. Meaning you may be able to get a rate within a year’s time frame but because of other changes of costs, expenses and many other factors such services may rarely commit to pricing or booking when you start heading toward 13 months or more in advance.

To save the most money without sacrificing quality we recommend the following:  (Article continues when you scroll down.)
















Shoot for booking nor more than 6 months in advance, and here's why. There is a better visibility of things like demand for services, competitive pricing, costs, expenses etc. within the next 6 months than there is within the next 6-13 months. Essentially, if a band is required to give a price within a time frame when they don’t know if they will be choosing to book your event instead of one that could book them for more hours or an event that would pay more because of travel and time most (and not necessarily all) Mariachis would charge a little more when booking something that is 6-13 months in advance than within 6 months in advance. Of course, as indicated previously you wouldn’t want to wait so late that just about all the Mariachis are booked and you end up with the worse one. So, for non-holidays we recommend to shoot somewhere close to 2-3 months in advance and for major holidays especially the celebrations of "Cinqo de Mayo" May 5th, “Mexican Independence Day” September 16th, and “Our Lady of Guadalupe” December 12th somewhere close to 4-6 months in advance. Wrapping it up, whether you are inclined to get quotes 2 years in advance or at the last minute, if you place it on your calendar or to-do list to get quotes and book within the recommended time frames above then you will at least start out with a pretty good formula for your event and if your drinks are of an equally good formula then you might be on to something!

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